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TOP hosters 2023


Vultr, founded in 2014, offers standardized, highly reliable cloud computing infrastructure for developers and enterprises, available in 30 cities around the world. The list of services and services provided by the company includes: web site hosting, VPS, dedicated servers, cloud data storage, managed databases, Kubernetes clusters, load balancers. All virtual machines run with low latency and high performance. Intelligent BGP routing and multi-level network redundancy are used to ensure 100% uptime.


Yourserver is a company providing hosting services to more than 10,000 customers from 115 countries around the world. The provider is headquartered in Riga, Latvia. Yourserver offers virtual and dedicated servers on SSD drives. All VPS virtual server tariffs include unlimited traffic at 1 Gbit/s port speed, root access via SSH, 24/7 technical support. Dedicated servers are provided with a pre-installed operating system (Linux, Windows, or FreeBSD), unlimited bandwidth, 1 Gbit/s network and basic protection from DDoS attacks. The company places its own equipment in data centers in Riga (Latvia) and Gothenburg (Sweden).


Time4VPS started in 2012 and is currently the largest web hosting provider in Lithuania. The company provides Linux and Windows VPS with root access and KVM virtualization, Container VPS based on OpenVZ virtualization, Storage VPS with scaling up to 8 TB and public cloud based on VMware. As additional services, customers are offered SSL certificates, software licenses, VPN service, SpamExperts spam filter and BitNinja website security service. The company hosts servers and equipment in its own data center (RackRay, Vilnius).


ServerHub, founded in 2002, offers VPS and dedicated servers for rent. Virtual servers are scalable, provided on enterprise-class solid-state SSD drives. Dedicated servers are powered by Intel Xeon processors. Each server has network links available at up to 40 Gbit/s, default IPv4 address, remote IPMI/KVM IP console, 24x7 technical support. Additionally, the company offers software licenses and other hardware and networking solutions. ServerHub data centers are located in the USA, Germany and the Netherlands.


PebbleHost, founded in 2017, provides web hosting, hosting for Minecraft, hosting for Discord bots, game servers, as well as dedicated servers of various configurations. The entire virtual infrastructure is under basic protection against DDoS attacks and is monitored by technical support specialists around the clock. PebbleHost uses its own equipment and networks to organize uninterrupted server operation and provide guaranteed bandwidth, locating them in data centers in the UK, USA, France, Canada and Australia.


OneProvider is a Canadian company that has been in the hosting business since 2005. Currently it offers dedicated and virtual server rental services for a wide range of users in more than 145 locations around the world. Virtual servers are represented by OneCloud infrastructure, which includes two tariff lines: General Purpose Instances (general purpose servers based on SSD drives) and Storage Instances (virtual machines with high capacity hard disks and unlimited bandwidth). For working with servers and billing, monitoring and solving administrative tasks, the company offers OnePanel - a convenient control panel of its own design.


Kamatera has been a provider of hosting services since 1999. Currently providing enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure products to organizations of all types and sizes, operating in 18 global data centers around the world. The company's customers are offered cloud servers, block storage, private cloud network, load balancer, cloud firewall, fully managed cloud and many other products and solutions for efficient IT operations. Kamatera's experienced team of technical specialists is available 24 hours a day and is always ready to answer customers' questions.


NodeSpace (Xinsto, LLC brand) has been providing web hosting services since 2010. Clients are offered virtual hosting, VPS, dedicated servers, domain name registration, SSL certificates, private cloud based on Proxmox virtualization, and administration services. To ensure reliable and uninterrupted server operation, NodeSpace specialists use their own equipment and regularly update hardware and software. The company's main data center is located in North Carolina, with additional offices in Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Orlando and Washington, D.C.


Leaseweb was founded by Con Zwinkels in 1997. Currently it provides a wide range of cloud services: web hosting, VPS, dedicated servers, cloud storage, hybrid cloud, virtual data centers on VMware. Additionally, we offer server and rack rental services, data backup, domain registration, DDoS attack protection, server and cloud migration. The company's customers have access to one of the largest global networks in the world with more than 20 data centers, 43 points of presence and 29 Internet exchanges worldwide. Leaseweb data centers are located in Europe, the United States and Asia. Each is designed to meet the highest requirements for performance, reliability and security.